Thinking Forward

Hello. I’m Larry Halff.

Bright/Contrast is where I do my part to build a sustainable future; and, hopefully, inspire others along the way.

A Brief Introduction

I’m a San Francisco based technologist and entrepreneur.

For 20 years I’ve been creating and building new technologies for myself and others, as well as leading small teams of innovative developers.

I have always equated success with the realization of the dreams and stories held by my clients and their customers. As I pursue my own projects, I use the same yardstick to measure my success; achieving my larger dream of making a difference in this world.

What Am I Building?


Circopt is a “don’t make me think” solution for controlling and monitoring a booster pump in recirculating hot water systems. Based on conservative estimates, Circopt will reduce 60% to 90% of the energy used to power a recirculating hot water system booster pump.


I started developing a Porter while building Circopt. I realized that I was wasting valuable time developing front-end infrastructure for testing and analyzing the device and its performance. I built Porter as a way to help other Particle developers, like myself, who are serious about developing their product.

Why Build Anything?

While growing up, I was exposed to all manner of philosophical theory through my Dad. Being a cognitive psychologist, he was particularly interested in decision and probability theory, and the like.

When my Dad passed away in 2015, I wondered a lot about the decisions we make in life, and their impact. On the one hand, if we as individuals, and even the whole planet, are destined to end someday, it can be easy to think that what we do doesn’t matter. But the one thing that’s for sure about the future is that we can’t know it, and that means we can’t know what will come of the decisions we do make, and the actions we do take.

To do nothing is to be sure that we won’t make a difference. To do something is to be sure that we might. Keen readers might recognize the similarity of that thought to Pascal’s Wager. There are a lot of problems in the world that one might solve, and many of them are simply too big for any one person or idea.

But instead of being sure that nothing will change, I’ve decided to put my effort into solving part of the problem, and hope that what I can bring will not just bring practical results, but will even inspire others to try the same in their own way. We might not know how far any of our actions will go, or what the ultimate future holds, but we can know the difference between taking action, and not.

This is where I’m doing my part.

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

- Carl Sagan