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I’m here to help with the thinking, analysis, and guidance needed to turn your vision into a beloved product.

How I can help depends on where you are in the process.

If you’re still working through what exactly your product will do, look like, and how it’ll enter the world, let’s spend some time refining and validating your Product Vision.

With your vision clarified, we can develop and execute a Product Strategy that includes everything from a development and launch schedule to team assembly.

When developing and launching a new product, let’s make sure that you are properly addressing your customers, and approach Community Building in the spirit of service. It’s never too early to start finding your audience and winning their enthusiasm.

Finally, if you product hasn’t landed quite as expected, iterating through some Product Realignment will restore your underlying vision and set it on a new course for success.

Featured Projects


Porter is an app for connected hardware developers that provides an instant, dynamic mobile user interface to Particle devices using the Particle Cloud API. If you want to learn more, you can visit its web site or read The Road to Porter.

You can learn more from the website or read the story of how the Porter came to be.


Circopt is a newly-conceived, efficient way to control and monitor recirculating hot water systems. An in-house project, Circopt is currently in the prototyping phase.

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I’m Larry Halff, a San Francisco based technologist and entrepreneur. Bright/Contrast is my professional home on the web. For 30 years I’ve been creating and building new technologies for myself and others, as well as leading small teams of innovative developers. Rooted in my background as a Cultural Anthropologist, my approach pursues success as the realization of the dreams and stories held by my clients and their customers.